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Monthly Archives: June 2008

From the department of “Guns Don’t Kill People, Bullets Do”.  This, today, from AFP:

President Nicolas Sarkozy vowed severe punishment on Monday after 17 people were wounded when a French soldier mistakenly opened fire with live ammunition during a display at an army base.

The 28-year-old sergeant fired his assault rifle into a crowd of hundreds of visitors watching a mock hostage rescue operation Sunday at the base near the southwestern city of Carcassonne.

A three-year-old boy, who took bullets in the heart and in the arm, and both his parents were among the victims who were rushed to hospitals in the region, officials said.


Technology loses.

Enjoy this dancing fool from the game SPORE’s character modeler:



Budweiser + Clamato = CHELADA!

From the back of the can:

“Enjoy the best of two worlds: a refreshing Bud and the unique flavor of Clamato.”


Apparently the floods in Missouri and the Supreme Court’s 2nd Amendment decision this week in DC vs. Heller had a connection.  From the AP:

WINFIELD, Mo. – A heroic effort by hundreds of townspeople, volunteers and National Guardsmen to hold back the Mississippi River failed Friday — undone by a burrowing muskrat.

The furry rodent dug a hole through the earthen levee in this eastern Missouri community, allowing water to penetrate the floodwall, which failed shortly before dawn.

“It’s so disappointing,” said Linda Wilmesherr as she peered through binoculars at water pouring through a gap that appeared to be 30 feet wide. “With all the guns in this county, couldn’t we kill a muskrat?”

A Shit Box

From The Brown Corporation:

What is it:

Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet,, made specifically for outdoor use.  The box pops up from a convenient 14 inch flat pack to a rigid, reusable, comfortable toilet.  Each box come with ten degradable poo bags.

Apparently the White House has decided that playing peek-a-boo with the mail is an appropriate way to avoid bad news.  I used the same technique when I was four and didn’t want to eat my brussels sprouts.


From the New York Times:

The White House in December refused to accept the Environmental Protection Agency’s conclusion that greenhouse gases are pollutants that must be controlled, telling agency officials that an e-mail message containing the document would not be opened, senior E.P.A. officials said last week.

The document, which ended up in e-mail limbo, without official status, was the E.P.A.’s answer to a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that required it to determine whether greenhouse gases represent a danger to health or the environment, the officials said.

Swiss Railway Worker

BASEL (Reuters) – Switzerland’s national railway has told its workers to stop using their normal orange reflective vests after confused Dutch soccer fans started following them on to the tracks.

A railway spokesman said the changed strip had been prompted by an incident in the Swiss capital Berne when a group of Netherlands supporters followed a worker on to the lines after mistaking his uniform for their traditional orange dress.

Electronic Correspondence By Mail

I received this today in the mail.

Something has clearly gone horribly awry.

Seen while walking on West 10th Street this afternoon. It is unclear whether the leather harness or the dye-job is more concerning. And yes, this is a real cat, it moved… I checked…