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Monthly Archives: April 2009



I’ve already espoused one reason to love Australia.  But now comes the story of Carlton Daught beer’s contest involving 1 plane, 1 car, 1 target and 1 old man.  Too awesome for words.  You can read the whole story, otherwise, just enjoy the video.

Marijuana Pepsi Jackson

First there was Tula Does The Hula From Hawaii.  Then there was Weather’By Dot Com Chanel Fourcast.  Now I would like to introduce you to Marijuana Pepsi Jackson.  The story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via Freakonomics Blog).


I don’t advocate cruelty to animals but there is something kind of awesome about what’s going on in Spokane.  Something that speaks to the 12-year-old boy in me.  Something that reminds me of my old VHS copy of Caddy Shack.  That something?

The Rodenator Pro

From the AP (via

The Finch Arboretum is being overrun by ground squirrels, and Spokane Parks and Recreation is bringing in some special artillery.

The agency is using a special machine called the Rodenator Pro to detonate some of the estimated 100 to 150 squirrels tearing up the grounds.

The Rodenator Pro pumps propane and oxygen into the tunnels of squirrels, then sends an electric spark that causes an explosion. The shock waves kill the squirrels and collapse their tunnels – but in a humane way, the agency said.

Spokanimal, which is the local animal shelter and Humane Society chapter, was caught by surprise by Monday’s announcement.

“You’re kidding,” Director Gail Mackie said when she learned the news.

You’re kidding?  Or more likely: “You’re shitting me…”