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I’ve already espoused one reason to love Australia.  But now comes the story of Carlton Daught beer’s contest involving 1 plane, 1 car, 1 target and 1 old man.  Too awesome for words.  You can read the whole story, otherwise, just enjoy the video.


Apparently our vanity knows know limits. Now I understand people having grooming preferences but when it comes to applying chemicals to the nether bits, count me out. That being said, apparently it’s a booming business. So for all of you looking to pretty-up your happy trail, go nuts.

From the New York Times “City Room” blog:

A new line of hair-dye products called Betty Beauty has generated a fair amount of attention during its two years on the market, with mentions in magazines like People, Vogue, Allure and O: The Oprah Magazine. (Vanity Fair called it a “grooming obsession.”)

But Betty Beauty is not the kind of traditional hair coloring from Clairol or L’Oréal — the type featuring models with gleaming white teeth and cascading tresses. Betty Beauty is a dye for pubic hair, and it is now being advertised on New York City subways — which are more commonly associated with ads for vocational training, cosmetic dermatology and houses of worship than with ads for intimate grooming products.

The ads make only oblique references to pubic hair: The company says it sells “color for the hair down there,” and the slogan on the ads reads: “Boldly Going Where No Color Has Gone Before.” (Below it shows boxes of the product in the five available colors: black, blond, auburn, brown and “fun,” a k a hot pink. Each box has a sketched torso with a wispy, carefully placed triangle in the relevant color.)