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So a friend was shopping for flights to go from New York to Vienna, Austria on December 22nd with his girlfriend (she’s from there).  He went to Continental Airlines website and entered the dates and destination and asked for the lowest fare.  What he got was, well, absurd…  According to Continental, the most economical way to go from New York is a 38.5 hour sojourn from New York to London to Houston to Paris to Vienna.  See the image for the itinerary…


P-Diddy, you are not truly rich until you just don’t care about fuel costs. Now, on behalf of all Americans, shut the f*#k up!

From the Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES – Fuel prices have grounded an unexpected frequent-flyer: Diddy.

Sean “Diddy” Combs complained about the “… too high” price of gas and pleaded for free oil from his “Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters” in a YouTube video posted Wednesday. The hip-hop mogul said he is now flying on commercial airlines instead of in private jets, which Combs said had previously cost him $200,000 and up for a roundtrip between New York and Los Angeles.

“I’m actually flying commercial,” Diddy said before walking onto an airplane, sitting in a first-class seat and flashing his boarding pass to the camera. “That’s how high gas prices are. I’m at the gate right now. This is really happening, proof gas prices are too high. Tell whoever the next president is we need to bring gas prices down.”

Apparently James Dobson and his Focus On The Family have a lot to worry about in this world. American Airlines just launched a broadband internet service on their flights in the US and someone (Ahem… Mr. Dobson) thinks this means we’ll all be pleasuring ourselves across the country. This statement is from their Senior Analyst For Media & Sexuality, David Weiss:

From Sky Talk via Gizmodo:

“Because this nation has not been serious about vigorously attacking pornography, some believe it is appropriate to view in public. Not only will the flight attendants be placed in a situation that could be considered sexual harassment, passengers who openly view porn where children can see it may be violating federal harmful-to-minor laws.”

My ongoing love affair with Scandinavia continues.

I’ve already posted reasons #187 and #188 why I love Scandinavia and here is reason #189.

From AFP:

STOCKHOLM (AFP) – An elderly woman misunderstood instructions while checking in at Sweden’s main airport and was whisked down a baggage shoot after she placed herself instead of her luggage on the belt, media reported Wednesday.

The 78-year-old woman, who was not named, was preparing to fly from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport to Germany on Tuesday when she lay down on an unmanned baggage belt in the belief she was following check-in instructions, the Upsala Nya Tidning local daily reported on its website.

She was quickly swept off to the baggage handling centre, where staff members helped get her back on her feet.

The woman suffered no serious injury and caught her flight as planned.

I don’t feel it necessary to comment on this article as I think it speaks for itself. From The Australian:

A GIANT inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy has blown away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before landing again.

The art work, titled Complex Shit, is the size of a house.

The wind carried it 200 metres from the Paul Klee Centre in Berne before it fell back to Earth in the grounds of a children’s home, said museum director Juri Steiner.

The inflatable turd broke the window at the children’s home when it blew away on the night of July 31, Steiner said.

The art work has a safety system that normally makes it deflate when there is a storm, but this did not work when it blew away.

Steiner said McCarthy had not yet been contacted and the museum was not sure if Complex Shit would be put back on display.

God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

God did not say, “Be fruitful and multiply and leave your children lying about the place in airports and whatnot…”

What are you? Some sort of orthodox, baby-toting, Johnny Appleseed?

From an article entitled “Israeli parents forget daughter at airport” on the AP newswire:

JERUSALEM – An Israeli couple going on a European vacation remembered to take their duty-free purchases and their 18 suitcases, but forgot their 3-year-old daughter at the airport, police said Monday.

The couple and their five children were late for a charter flight to Paris Sunday and made a mad dash to the gate. In the confusion, their daughter got lost.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a policeman found her wandering in the duty-free area at Ben-Gurion airport, Israel’s bustling main international air portal. He said the officer alerted airline staff, but the flight had already taken off.

But perhaps the real coup-de-grace here is this paragraph at the end of the article. What the heck is going on at Ben Gurion airport? People! Buy leashes for your children or something, ok?

The paper recounted that several days ago, an 8-year-old boy traveling alone boarded a flight to Brussels instead of Munich, and two weeks before that, a 10-year-old boy was left behind when the rest of his group flew to Copenhagen.


Please note: the phrase “emerge naked from one of the plane’s restrooms” is never followed by anything good. From the Associated Press:

Members of the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer were among those who grabbed the passenger near an exit door, FBI spokesman Gary Johnson said. Tie wraps were placed on the man, whose name was not immediately released. He was taken into custody in Oklahoma City and placed under psychiatric evaluation, Johnson said…

Craig Tornberg, the soccer team’s general manager, said he confronted the man as soon as he saw him emerge naked from one of the plane’s restrooms.

“I said he should get back into the bathroom and put on his clothes,” Tornberg said after the plane landed in Los Angeles. “He said something strange to me. He said, ‘I don’t hear you. I don’t see you.'”