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Smarter Than A Fifth Grader VS

The collected energy ministers of the EU have spent 18 months working on something, only they just discovered that they should have been working on something else…

From AFP:

Documents issued by the EU describing its ambitious energy and climate plan, unveiled in January 2007, have consistently said that 10 percent of all the fuel powering vehicles would come from plants by 2020.

A closer reading of the texts by the ministers apparently revealed otherwise.

“The member states realised that the Commission’s plan specifies that 10 percent of transport needs must come from renewable energy, not 10 percent from biofuels,” Jean-Louis Borloo, the French environment and energy minister, said at the close of the three-day gathering.


Electronic Correspondence By Mail

I received this today in the mail.

Nelson MandelaApparently Nelson Mandela will turn 90 on July 18th. In order to celebrate that event, the United States congress has decided to remove him from a list of known terrorists. Happy Birthday!!! From the article:

Rep. Donald Payne, a New Jersey Democrat, told the Africa Society late on Wednesday that removing organizations from the terrorist list was an administrative matter that had taken too long, adding: “We’re trying to make sure that he is not a terrorist when we celebrate his 90th birthday.”

This process has taken seven years. Once again, the Department of Homeland Security has got our back. Good job guys.