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Why yes it is… How kind of you to notice…

Yep, you know what crossed my mind… you’ve got to be shitting me if you think I’m letting a bull cum on my head.

Apparently a salon in London is now offering bull, well, “offering” as a hair treatment. And it’s only $110!

From the Hari Salon Website:

Dubbed Viagra for the hair, this is the treatment that has grabbed the headlines around the world. Its star ingredients are Bull Sperm and Katera root from an Iranian plant that are both packed with protein and moisture to nourish, revitalise and repair all types of hair. The ultimate rescue for coloured, over processed, dry frizzy hair, it replenishes essential proteins in the hair with a lubricating tangle free effect.
45 mins £55


Apparently the city government in Birmingham England has not been outside in a while. They didn’t notice that they sent out 720,000 leaflets featuring a picture of the skyline for Birmingham, Alabama. The worst part?

This is the second time.

From the Associated Press:

Britain’s second-largest city, Birmingham, has a new skyline — only it belongs to its Alabama namesake. Birmingham City Council distributed 720,000 leaflets that praised residents for exceeding recycling targets, carrying a message that read: “Thank You Birmingham.” The message appeared stamped across a photograph of the city’s skyline. But the photo was not of Birmingham, England, but of Birmingham, Alabama.

It’s the second time British officials have mistakenly used images of Birmingham, Alabama. Three lawmakers who represent Birmingham at the European Parliament accidentally used a picture of the U.S. city on their Internet site in January.

Websites are judged by stickiness. Ideas can be sticky. Apparently so can activists when trying to make a point.

From The Times Online:

A climate-change protester tried to superglue himself to the Prime Minister last night.

Dan Glass covered his hand with glue and placed it on the PM’s sleeve at an awards ceremony at 10 Downing Street. He had smuggled the glue in in five pouches attached to his underwear and poured it over his hand during Mr Brown’s speech.

Mr Glass told the PM: “Do not worry, this is a non-violent protest. I have actually just superglued myself to the buttons of the Prime Minister.

“We cannot shake away climate change like you can just shake away my arm. We can beat climate change, but this is not going to happen by planning the world’s largest international airport at Heathrow.

“Climate change as we know it is the defining issue of our generation and you have got to start standing up to the bullies at BAA and start standing up for the British public.”

The 24-year-old student from Barnet in north London said that he was given a round of applause by the audience and said Mr Brown had repeatedly pulled his hand to detach it.

He said: “I just glued myself to him and after 20 seconds he tore my hand off – it really hurt. He had to give it a couple of tugs before it came away.

“He was just grinning about it. He didn’t seem to take me seriously.”

In an audio recording of the protest, the Prime Minister can be heard laughing as the stunt began.

Mr Glass, from anti-aviation group Plane Stupid, was invited to the event to receive an award for his campaigning activities from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

After the incident he was allowed to stay in Downing Street for 40 minutes, he said. When he left the building he tried to glue himself to the gates of Downing Street but had his hand detached by a police officer.

“I didn’t have much glue left by that point,” he added.