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This is an email that’s making the rounds of the entertainment community.  It’s from a junior assistant at Dreamworks to another assistant:


The US economic system is teetering on the brink. Things are crashing down around us. One man has a plan and that man is… former NBA guard Doug Christie?

The total cost of the US Governement bailouts under proposal: $1.2 trillion

Steve Christie’s share: $205,520

I’m feeling better already.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Former NBA guard Doug Christie and his wife have called for as much to help out in this time of financial distress. The couple put out a press release late Tuesday to announce that they will purchase 3,000 shares of corporate stock to help with what they termed “the AIG financial crisis.” In addition to their cash, the release said, “the Christies…have graciously used their star appeal to bring awareness to the issue.”

“We encourage all our fellow men and woman to buy at least two stocks to help with the global economic crisis,” said Jackie Christie. “We want everyone to step up and help in any way that they can. This is a huge crisis we face, but together we can make a difference. Do not just sit by and watch.”

John McCain. There are so many times this week I have thought that you were shitting me. But this time you truly are.

Apparently you hired the same people that did those Birmingham leaflets and put the picture of the wrong Birmingham on them. Come on, how do you expect us to trust you with the country?

From AFP:

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Staff at a California school were scratching their heads on Friday after their facility mysteriously appeared as a backdrop during John McCain’s Republican Convention speech.

A giant image of Walter Reed Middle School in the Los Angeles suburb of North Hollywood was one of several pictures projected onto a backdrop at the Republican Convention on Thursday as McCain addressed delegates.

However ABC and online reports have speculated McCain’s campaign could have intended to show a picture of the prestigious Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. rather than a relatively obscure school in California.

You’re shitting me…

Apparently the city government in Birmingham England has not been outside in a while. They didn’t notice that they sent out 720,000 leaflets featuring a picture of the skyline for Birmingham, Alabama. The worst part?

This is the second time.

From the Associated Press:

Britain’s second-largest city, Birmingham, has a new skyline — only it belongs to its Alabama namesake. Birmingham City Council distributed 720,000 leaflets that praised residents for exceeding recycling targets, carrying a message that read: “Thank You Birmingham.” The message appeared stamped across a photograph of the city’s skyline. But the photo was not of Birmingham, England, but of Birmingham, Alabama.

It’s the second time British officials have mistakenly used images of Birmingham, Alabama. Three lawmakers who represent Birmingham at the European Parliament accidentally used a picture of the U.S. city on their Internet site in January.