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The US economic system is teetering on the brink. Things are crashing down around us. One man has a plan and that man is… former NBA guard Doug Christie?

The total cost of the US Governement bailouts under proposal: $1.2 trillion

Steve Christie’s share: $205,520

I’m feeling better already.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Former NBA guard Doug Christie and his wife have called for as much to help out in this time of financial distress. The couple put out a press release late Tuesday to announce that they will purchase 3,000 shares of corporate stock to help with what they termed “the AIG financial crisis.” In addition to their cash, the release said, “the Christies…have graciously used their star appeal to bring awareness to the issue.”

“We encourage all our fellow men and woman to buy at least two stocks to help with the global economic crisis,” said Jackie Christie. “We want everyone to step up and help in any way that they can. This is a huge crisis we face, but together we can make a difference. Do not just sit by and watch.”


It is a little unclear how this can happen. I’m pretty sure that my high school hockey team could have held the New York Rangers to 50…


There’s the “agony of defeat.” And then there’s this women’s ice hockey score from the European Olympic pre-qualifying tournament: Slovakia 82, Bulgaria 0.

That’s correct: eighty-two goals for Slovakia, none for Bulgaria.

The International Ice Hockey Federation said the result, from a game played Saturday at the tournament in Liepaja, Latvia, set a record score for a women’s IIHF-sanctioned event. It was not the all-time record for futility, however; that is still held by Thailand, which lost 92-0 to South Korea in the 1998 Asia-Oceania U18 Championship.

Slovakia, which won all four of its games at the tournament, outshot Bulgaria 139-0, scoring on 58.9 percent of their shots on goal. They averaged one goal every 44 seconds.

Bulgaria trailed 7-0 after 5 minutes, 19-0 after 10 and 31-0 at the end of the first period.

The drubbing capped a woeful showing for the Bulgarian women, who also lost 30-1 to Croatia and 41-0 to Italy in earlier games.

Oh yeah.

So you remember the post about the Cuban tae kwon do Olympian who threw a tantrum and kicked the ref in the head? Well now Castro has come to his defense. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

From the Associated Press:

HAVANA – Fidel Castro on Monday defended the Cuban taekwondo athlete who kicked a referee in the face at the Beijing Olympics, saying Angel Matos was rightfully indignant over his disqualification from the bronze-medal match.

Taekwondo officials called Matos’ behavior an insult to the Olympic vision. Matos’ coach countered that the match was fixed and accused the Kazakhs of offering him money.

Castro said the alleged bribery attempt gave Matos good reason to expect the judges to treat him unfairly.

“They had tried to buy his own coach,” Castro wrote in his essay published in state media. “He could not contain himself.”

That is definitely bad form. And totally against the Olympic spirit. What I like is that the coach is completely unapologetic about it…

From the Associated Press:

BEIJING – A Cuban taekwondo athlete and his coach were banned for life after Angel Matos kicked the referee in the face following his bronze-medal match disqualification.

Cuban coach Leudis Gonzalez offered no apology for Matos’ actions during the men’s over-80 kg (176 pounds) match.

Matos was winning 3-2, with 1:02 in the second round, when he fell to the mat after being hit by his opponent, Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov. He was sitting there, awaiting medical attention, when he was disqualified for taking too much injury time. Fighters get one minute, and Matos was disqualified when his time ran out.

Matos angrily questioned the call, pushed a judge, then pushed and kicked referee Chakir Chelbat of Sweden. Matos then spat on the floor and was escorted out.

“He was too strict,” Gonzalez said, referring to the decision to disqualify Matos. Afterward, he charged the match was fixed, accusing the Kazakhs of offering him money.

Swiss Railway Worker

BASEL (Reuters) – Switzerland’s national railway has told its workers to stop using their normal orange reflective vests after confused Dutch soccer fans started following them on to the tracks.

A railway spokesman said the changed strip had been prompted by an incident in the Swiss capital Berne when a group of Netherlands supporters followed a worker on to the lines after mistaking his uniform for their traditional orange dress.

Something has clearly gone horribly awry.